Payroll And Pension Services

Table of Contents

Payroll service

At Naail & Co, we provide detailed payroll services, customised to your needs. Every business, small or large, need a trusted and reliable payroll administrator, so no one wants unwanted enquiries from their employees. We can provide you with paper payslips, security sealed enveloped payslips, password protected payslips or web portal access to all of your employees who can view/save/print their historic pay slips using their unique login details.


It is a mandatory requirement for all businesses, small or large, to offer workplace pension to all of your workforce. Choosing your pension provider, setting up a workplace pension, communicating with your employees and keeping records of their responses could be quite a daunting task for business owners. We, at Naail & Co, will make the whole process a walk in the park for you. Once the scheme is setup, we will process your workplace pension and upload your pension data to your pension provider.

Payroll frequency

Different businesses opt for different payrun frequency, depending on their industry norms. You could run your payroll on monthly, fortnightly or weekly basis. Whatever your payroll frequency is, Naail & Co will provide end to end service to ensure the smooth process.

Starters and leavers

Certain business sectors have high staff turnover. We, at Naail & Co, will take care of all your incoming and outgoing staff members.

Additions and deductions

Payroll process may include various complexities like bonus, commission, travelling, advanced payment, re-imbursements, deductions etc. Whatever complexity your payroll has, we at Naail & Co, will support you and run the payroll efficiently and effectively.


Our service to you

If you are a self employed, business owner/director of company looking to get your accountancy and taxation matters sorted, look no further. We are pro-active and easily accessible accountants and tax advisors, who will not only ensure that all your filing obligations are up to date with Companies House and HMRC, but also you do not pay a penny more in taxes than you have to. We work on a fixed fee basis and provide same day response to all your phone and email enquiries. We will also allocate a designated accounts manager who would have better understanding of your and business financial and taxation affairs. Book a free consultation call using the link below.