Workplace reopening checklist

Most businesses and venues will be permitted to re-open from Monday, the 12th April 2021. As businesses prepare for the phased reopening, we have prepared a checklist to ensure shops and workplaces are safe to reopen for customers and staff members.

Workplace reopening checklist
Workplace reopening checklist
Non-essential retailPersonal care facilitiesIndoor sports and leisure facilitiesOutdoor attractions
clothing stores and tailorshair, beauty and nail salonsgyms and leisure centresadventure parks and activities
charity and antique shopsbody and skin piercing servicessports courtsanimal attractions (such as at zoos, safari parks and aquariums)
homeware and carpet storestattoo studiosswimming poolsdrive in events, such as for cinemas, theatres, and other performances
showrooms (such as for vehicles as well as kitchens and bathrooms)spas and massage centres (except for steam rooms and saunas)dance studios and fitness centresfilm studios

Health and Safety Policy and Insurance

  1. Has your safety policy been reviewed and signed and dated?
  2. Are the Safety Policy Statement and Employer’s Liability Insurance Certificate both available on request from employees?
  3. Have Covid-secure measures been included in your health and safety policy?


  1. Is there a procedure for reporting and recording which employees have had the coronavirus vaccine?
  2. Is there a procedure for reporting and recording work-related ill health within the workplace, especially if they contract Covid-19?
  3. Are all employees familiar with this procedure?
  4. Are supervisors and managers aware of the requirements and the circumstances in which incidents and cases of Covid-19 must be reported to the supervisors, management and enforcing authorities?
  5. Do employees understand the requirement to report cases of the virus?
  6. Do supervisors and line managers have access to written instructions and advice on the method for reporting to senior management and enforcing authorities?
  7. Have procedures been put in place and communicated regarding actions to take after a Covid case is confirmed, eg identifying contacts, cleaning, etc?
  8. Have social distancing guidelines been adopted, ie markings on the ground, signage, seating arrangements, staggered breaks, etc?
  9. Are there adequate handwashing facilities/stations, hand sanitisers, soap, warm water available?

Staff Returning to Work After Lockdown

  1. Have any employees returned from another country in the last 10 days? If so, where from?
  2. Have any employees been in close contact with anyone who has had a confirmed case of Covid-19?
  3. Do any employees live in the same household as someone who has symptoms of Covid-19, who has been in isolation within the last 10 days?
  1. Do any employees have any of the following symptoms:
  • Fever
  • high temperature
  • persistent cough, breathing difficulties or shortness of breath?
  1. Do employees travel alone to work or work sites?
  2. Have any employees been medically tested and confirmed with a positive case of Covid-19?

Workplace Health and Safety Consultation

  1. Are all employees consulted on changes which may substantially affect their health and safety?
  2. Are employees consulted on the health and safety consequences of Covid-19?

Risk Assessment and Hazard Reporting of Covid-19

  1. Is there a procedure for employees to report hazards and where they suspect an employee may be unwell and may have Covid-19 symptoms?
  2. Have tasks, activities and workplaces where there are hazards been assessed for the risk of injury or ill health to people?
  3. Are the significant findings from these assessments recorded?
  4. Are suitable control measures in place? Are they maintained? Is their proper use supervised?
  5. Have suitable safe working procedures been developed from the risk assessments? Are they maintained? Is their proper use supervised?
  6. Have relevant employees been told about the outcome of risk assessments, and instructed and trained about safe working practices and procedures?
  7. Is there a system to review risk assessments at appropriate intervals?

Occupational Health and Health Surveillance

  1. Is occupational health surveillance required for any activities?
  2. Is a suitable scheme in operation?
  3. Do you have a suitable scheme for those that may be have been in contact with or have had Covid-19?
  4. Is a workplace testing scheme being introduced at work? If so, make sure you have policy and procedures in place and communicated beforehand.

New and Expectant Mothers

  1. Has a risk assessment been carried out for new and expectant mothers?
  2. Is a Covid-19 risk assessment in place that considers new and expectant mothers?
  3. Have any existing risk assessments for new and expectant mothers been reviewed?
  4. Is a system in place if an employee has contracted Covid-19 that pregnant employees are informed, and further control measures are put in place?
  5. Is the risk assessment reviewed on a regular basis?
  6. If risks cannot be removed, are alternative working patterns sought, ie working hours, conditions, etc?
  7. Is a private room available where women can breastfeed or express milk with secure, clean refrigerators provided for storage?

Employing Young Persons

  1. Are there individual risk assessments for all young persons at work that take into account Covid-secure measures?
  2. Is information, instruction, training and supervision provided to ensure that safety awareness is increased and competence levels improved?

Care of Older Staff and Those with Underlying Medical Conditions

  1. Are there individual risk assessments for all older persons at work?
  2. Is a Covid-19 risk assessment in place that considers older staff and those with underlying medical conditions?
  3. Is the risk assessment reviewed on a regular basis?
  4. If risks cannot be removed, are alternative working patterns sought, ie working hours, conditions, etc?

Lone Working

  1. Has an assessment been undertaken to ensure that the risks from lone working are adequately managed?
  2. Are measures in place to ensure that the risk of those working alone contracting Covid-19 is controlled?
  3. Is PPE provided for those delivering goods?

Health and Safety Training

  1. Is staff induction training undertaken and recorded which includes COVID-19 awareness?
  2. Have training/refresher training needs been identified and all staff trained to an acceptable level with all details recorded?
  3. Have all staff been trained in applicable emergency procedures and recorded?

Health and Safety of Visitors

  1. Is there appropriate control/supervision of visitors?
  2. Are visitors taken into consideration in emergency arrangements?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  1. Have the PPE requirements identified from risk assessments that consider Covid-19 been implemented to ensure that suitable and appropriate PPE is selected and provided?
  2. Are employees trained in the use, storage, maintenance and replacement of PPE?
  3. Is PPE available for those responsible for administering first aid?
  4. Is PPE available for visitors?

Disability Discrimination Compliance

  1. Is there a procedure/policy in place where staff are not discriminated if they have had Covid-19?


  1. Have control measures and safe systems of work been identified and managed?
  2. Has a deep clean been considered prior to opening your business?

Control of Waste

  1. Is PPE available to staff who undertake cleaning activities such as deep clean of waste bins, etc, ie bagged, stored for 72 hours and disposed of?
  2. Is the PPE used when dealing with waste that could be contaminated with Covid-19 disposed of correctly?
  3. Have all tasks and activities involving the handling and storage of waste, which could be contaminated with Covid-19, been assessed and suitable controls implemented and managed?
  4. Have all tasks and activities involving the cleaning, setting and maintenance of waste handling/ processing equipment, which could be contaminated with Covid-19, been assessed and suitable controls implemented and managed?
  5. Is all equipment used for the handling, storage and removal of waste suitable for use?
  6. Has any training required in relation to the use and maintenance of specialist equipment been identified and provided?
  7. Where necessary, are there specific measures for dealing with hazardous waste, eg separate waste receptacles for sharp objects or biological waste?
  8. Where necessary, is all waste disposed of by licensed contractors and waste transfer notes retained?

Workplace Signage

  1. Are workplace signs displayed where required advising staff of the risks of Covid-19?
  2. Is handwashing signage displayed to inform employees of the correct handwashing procedure to help prevent the spread of Covid-19?

Work Equipment

  1. Are safe working arrangements in place with regard to the work environment and equipment?
  2. Have all workstations been cleaned down? Do some workstations need a deep clean?
  3. Has all work equipment been cleaned? Does some equipment need a deep clean?
  4. Are there handwashing facilities and hand sanitisers available?
  5. Is there adequate Covid-19 signage on display in the office areas?

Legionella Control

  1. Have potential sources of Legionella been identified and assessed by a competent person?
  2. Has a person with managerial responsibility been appointed to oversee the system and ensure it operates safely?

 Stress in the Workplace

  1. Has a “Stress in the Workplace” Policy been developed and implemented, which also considers the impact of Covid-19?
  2. Where necessary, is occupational stress or its possible indicators, monitored?

Violence and Aggression

  1. Has an assessment been carried out to identify the risks of work-related violence and suitable controls identified to ensure the safety of all persons at risk and potential Covid-19 exposure?
  2. Has a violence prevention policy been developed and implemented?

Contractor Control and Management

  1. Are all contractors assessed for appropriate health and safety competence for the work to be undertaken with records kept?
  2. Are all contractors given a site induction with attention given to the Covid-19 controls in place?
  3. Are the activities of contractors being appropriately monitored?
  4. When contractors work on site, are employees informed and warned of any additional risks that may affect them and how to avoid such risks?

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